Scholastic Excellence

Scholastic Excellence has been established since 2004 in providing exam-focused coaching for the NAPLAN, GATE and ATAR/ WACE in Western Australia only. WACE stands for Western Australia Certificate of Education. ATAR is a mark given to the students based on their best 4 subjects taken in the WACE. Each Australia state has different exams but we only focus on the WA market.

Students who come to us are from Year 3 (8 years old) to Year 12 (18 years old). Most of them come to us for weekly classes in the term. We offer coaching in Maths and English for Year 3 to Year 9 and these two subjects cover the major exams, such as NAPLAN and GATE. Students in Year 10 onwards choose the subjects to study for their WACE and they prepare for them for Year 11 and 12. Scholastic Excellence offers coaching in Maths Applications, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Chemistry, Physics and English.

5 Strategies To Make Teaching Effective

A typical teacher will implement new and enticing teaching strategies to keep their students active, motivated, and engaged in a class. Some teachers would find it hard to select the best and effective teaching strategies with all knowledge and information. We all know learning program covers 4 key areas;


  • Reading comprehension provides the student with tests to help them with analysis techniques in answering questions in sufficient depth.

  • Viewing to help the student interpret images using keywords to help a student explore writing in any given format

  • Language convention to help students master language.


Therefore, having a unique strategy would be more effective for any class depending on the teacher's preference, style, and interaction. These are the top 5 strategies to make your teaching effective.


  • Differentiated Instruction 


With this teaching strategy, a teacher will engage each student in their specific learning skills. It is the perfect strategy that will meet each student's needs. A teacher can also set up a learning station where students in each station will be given tasks to complete according to the level and style that is best for them. 


  • Graphics Organizer


A highly trained and experienced teacher will always know that not each strategy would be effective.  


Besides the maths methods tuition, graphic strategy is one of the simple strategies for any lesson. It helps students in brainstorming and organizing their ideas, and getting visual presentations. In addition, it generally helps students organize information for easier comprehension. The best graphics organizer strategy is the concept map.


  • Inquiry-Based Instructions


It is a strategy that allows teachers and students to interact in the learning process for deeper understanding. One must have the urge to know something deeper; thus, students engage by asking questions, reporting, and exploring what they see. As a result, a student will understand the content they learn and still apply than in new concepts.


  • Cooperative Learning


A teacher may allow students to work with each other and learn different points of view. This is because some students seem to work better together with others. It also helps build students' confidence as each student in a group has to contribute something for the group for success.


  • Utilizing Technology in Class


In today's world, we live in advancing technologies, and no one would wish to be left out. With this new technological era, utilizing technology in class is the best strategy to empower students and keep them connected with technology. How can you utilize technology in class strategy? You can create web-based lessons, taking your class for virtual field trips, and participating in online research projects. 




With the above top teaching strategies, a teacher will never fail to select a perfect strategy that will be effective for each student's success, including the maths methods tuition. The student will get exposure to many skills with this strategy which are essential for success in an academic career. Furthermore, it won't cost anything to try any of the strategies as sometimes it's all about trial and error. These strategies, therefore, have some positive impact on student learning programs when implemented.




Can Tutoring Service Help For NAPLAN Preparation?

Introduced in the year 2008, NAPLAN is an annual assessment test for Australian students. Its purpose is to test the literacy and numeracy skills of the students.  Preparation for NAPLAN for your child can add to your worry. After all, being a parent, education of your child is one of the prime concerns for you.  From reshuffling his/her schedule to approaching the tutoring services for your child’s preparation, you do it all. However, when seeking extra help, you might wonder if it is the best way for preparation. 

In this blog, let’s learn about the benefits the tutoring services can provide for child’s NAPLANpreparation:

 Time Management

Getting connected to tutoring services for NAPLAN can help your child learn about the level of preparation.  Knowing about the areas of weaknesses and strengths can divide the areas to focus on. It will help in managing time while preparing, which is undeniably an essential thing. Not just this, when it comes to managing time during the examination, it might become an issue to complete the entire test paper, especially for younger students.

However, by having extra help for NAPLAN, one can understand how to solve a question and which one has to be solved first.  

 Over-all Preparation

In one of the years, the test providers witnessed a drop in marks in the writing section. It was not because students did not know that writing tasks existed or they left it unattempted. The reason behind it was that in school, students learned to write only one type of essay. So, when they had to attempt something new in the writing section, they couldn’t score enough. On the other side, tutors can guide students about writing in general or with different genres.


Stress Management

The age when a student appears in NAPLAN, from year 3 to 9, is a learning period. Getting educated should be fun for children, and they shouldn’t feel stressed to the extent that they get depressed. The competition and seeing someone performing better than he/she did might affect the student negatively. It is where tutors play a critical role. They guide students about the real importance of education and way to deal with different situations of life.

Final Thoughts

One of the benefits of NAPLAN is assessing your child’s growth. It means that the next thing is to help your child give his/her best shot. Under the guidance of a trained tutor, the preparation of NAPLAN can be simplified in several ways. Not just this, your child can also learn about the ways of performing most shrewdly in every exam.



The role of tutoring for the preparation of an exam

Exams are stressful points in any student’s academic career. At Scholastic Excellence, they help students effectively to prepare for their upcoming exams. An experienced tutoring team can help you prepare for the entrance exams like GATE with GATE tutoring Perthwhether you are taking the exam for the first time or returning to improve your score.


The tutors providing GATE tutoring in Perth are matched with students based on learning style, age, subject matter, and even personality. The service even offers online tutoring. This ensures that the students can learn in a familiar environment and benefit from one-to-one attention. In addition, they provide exam help for students of all ages and all levels as tutoring can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills.


Tutoring gives students the individual attention that they don’t get in a crowded classroom. This helps students who struggle to keep up, as well as those who aren’t challenged enough. It also keeps students on track during breaks.


Tutoring programs can help you develop study and learning skills that will help set up your success for the entire life. 


As exams come around, it is beneficial to enlist the help of a skilled tutor to keep you focused.


Take a look at the benefits of using the service GATE tutoring Perth for an examination preparation:


● Students have an accountability partner to keep them on track.

● Tutors can fill in gaps in knowledge of a subject.

● Individual and unique learning experience.

● Tutors can help establish strong study skills and test-taking skills.

● Students benefit from one-to-one attention.

● Improves attitude towards learning and school.

● Encourage self-paced and self-directed learning.

● Improves self-esteem and confidence.

● Improves work and study habits.

● Tutors help in creating a positive workspace.

● Encourages independence and responsibility.

● Increases ability to manage one’s learning.

● Tutors help in preparing you for college.


The customized tutoring programs teach you the skills you need to deal with the challenges while preparing for the exam. It will even help you to develop critical thinking and learning skills that are used for life.

The service GATE tutoring Perth uses a dynamic assessment to assess how you learn. The test examines your strengths, needs, and potential and is stress-free. The result of the test allows you to build a program specifically tailored to your needs.


The customized programs are personalized to your unique and academic needs. In addition, you will receive a customized learning plan, learning strategies to implement in developing studies and organization tips.


You will receive one on one instruction balanced with individual work. Most importantly, you will learn how to have fun learning. It will help you enjoy and be excited about learning to reach the potential you desire for.


 With the service GATE tutoring Perthstudents not only prepare themselves for their upcoming exam. They also develop strong study skills that will help them in future academic pursuits. Additionally, they help students with time management, focus, memory, organization and more.